My Mission

GoodHeart Collaborative is a WellTech company focused on equipping 1,000,000 female executives leading helping professions for long-term sustainability. Now more than ever we need to invest in female leaders who work in helping professions like nonprofits and healthcare. Helping careers are rewarding but can be difficult to work in. To the detriment of our communities we are losing talented world changers. I am launching GoodHeart Collaborative in order to support female leaders in helping professions. In order to reach as many of these women as possible, I am developing a subscription-based app. This business will also feature 1-on-1 consulting and I’ll host a podcast called GoodHeart Gals, which will highlight our members.

~ Because YOU are just as significant as the people you are helping.

Launching late 2020

What’s In It For YOU?

Launching late 2020

  • A digital platform exclusive to our target market where they can safely engage with each other without attracting men looking for relationships. 
  • An intentionally positive and uplifting community, curated to specifically meet the needs of the members without all of the other political and societal distractions or mindless social media scrolling, which can lead to a decrease in wellness and can negatively impact mental health.
  • An “I get it” and “I got you” group of women combatting loneliness and isolation through meaningful connections.  
  • Expert-led resources that will help members remain effective long-term in their pursuit of a safer and more equitable world by building resiliency and increasing overall well-being. 
  • Relationships with peers all around the world for less than the price of a venti coffee!

About The Founder

I’m Kristen Harness, the Founder and CEO of GoodHeart Collaborative. I am VERY passionate about speaking out against injustice, providing care and healing options for girls and women who have experienced trauma, and building community for the incredibly brave and resilient women who have careers in helping others. I have a stubborn vision to see a future where girls and women are free from abuse, judgement, guilt, shame, and fear.  I founded GoodHeart Collaborative because over my years of starting and leading a nonprofit called Extended Hands of Hope, I noticed myself becoming incredibly burnt out, overwhelmed, and feeling alone. As I began investigating whether or not others were also experiencing this, I found that many female nonprofit executives and female founders felt the same way. There are so many incredible women that are not only leading nonprofits and changing the world, but are also taking care of their children, trying to be a present and loving wife, taking care of other family members, and still finding time to help out friends and their communities. I’m absolutely fascinated by their pursuit and utter commitment to change lives and generations, and yet they are willing to sacrifice comfort, safety, and stability in their own lives. I hope you will stay connected to me as I update this page.