GoodHeart Collaborative is a Wellness-Tech company focused on equipping 1,000,000 female executives leading helping professions for long-term professional sustainability.

The goal is to combat burnout, compassion fatigue, and sickness as a direct result of working in these professions.

GoodHeart App is a restorative digital retreat featuring on-demand access to hundreds of expert-led written, audio, and video sessions addressing commonly found challenges shared by our members, an opportunity to increase supportive connections digitally and IRL with like-minded leaders in their field, guided journal prompts for daily gratitude building, and daily interactive mindfulness moments to promote emotional resilience to tackle the day strong, all in a positive and uplifting digital environment.Available Soon!

  • A digital platform exclusive to our target market where they can safely engage with each other without attracting men looking for relationships. 
  • An intentionally positive and uplifting community, curated to specifically meet the needs of the members without all of the other political and societal distractions or mindless social media scrolling, which can lead to a decrease in wellness and can negatively impact mental health.
  • An “I get it” and “I got you” group of women combatting loneliness and isolation through meaningful connections.  
  • Expert-led resources that will help members remain effective long-term in their pursuit of a safer and more equitable world by building resiliency and increasing overall well-being. 
  • Relationships with peers all around the world for less than the price of a venti coffee!