Confront and Conquer

Uh…I hate the overwhelming feeling of fear. It’s so debilitating and embarrassing. After the situation or “threat” goes away, I am always so embarrassed that I even felt that way in the first place. Anyone else?

FEAR IS A LIAR. I repeat. FEAR IS A LIAR. Yet why do I so easily believe and cling to lies than the truth? It’s like I enjoy hurting myself or torturing myself. I know what the truth is about myself and my purpose in this life for the most part, but it’s still hard to believe it. I really do believe that God has placed a special calling on life to share my story and testimony of healing with other women and girls because I HATE thinking about us women going through our lives held back because of shame, guilt, low self-esteem, and hatred for ourselves. This happens to so many of us though. A lot of it comes from a past experience of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and all types of unresolved trauma. It holds us back from being totally FREE. I want to be the kind of person who doesn’t let fear stop her from doing what God has called her to do. I honestly don’t think fear will ever go away, but I know we can conquer it by just continuing forward and not letting it stop us. My staff at Extended Hands of Hope used to call me their “fearless leader”. I was like, “Um, no, I am actually full of fear every day, but I am just giving it to God and trusting Him for EVERYTHING”. I literally can’t go one day where I am not trusting and asking God for help. I am more anxious than the average person and it’s something I really want to be delivered from but until then, I commit to moving forward in God’s plan and will for my life even when I feel scared and anxious.


This is one of my favorite reminders yet telling me NOT to be afraid makes me feel like a failure because I feel like I am always afraid. I am afraid of my children getting hurt emotionally or physically; I am afraid of failing at my new business; I am afraid that nobody will want what I have to offer; I am afraid of not being the best Christian I can be; I am afraid that I am making God mad and operating outside of His will…and the list goes on. Am I the only one? I hardly doubt it. I realize I am a complex and complicated person with all types of plates spinning in my inner and outer life but the constant pep talk to myself that I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I AM LOVED BY GOD. HE IS NOT MAD AT ME. HE IS FOR ME. I DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES is often draining….The inner battle of truth versus lies feels constant and sometimes I let the lies win. I am finding some ways to help tackle those lies and courageously and humbly move forward into truth. Maybe we can do that together?


  1. READ THE BIBLE – I know not all of you reading this believes the same way I do but I just don’t believe we can find Truth about ourselves and others outside of what God says. I need to consume His words to me every day or I get so lost and down on myself.
  2. TELL YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH – Every day, remind yourself verbally or write it down that your “enough-ness” comes from who you are and not what you’ve done, what you’re accomplishing, or even your education. YOU have something to offer this world that is unique to you and needed by others. You don’t have to have it all together or have a list of credentials next to your name to fulfill your purpose and do great things! (credentials are awesome BTW)
  3. STOP GETTING YOUR VALIDATION FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is fine and all but too many of us are getting our measure of our worth from people’s interactions on social media. We must stop that. Again, our worth comes from God not from people.
  4. BE SCARED AND DO IT ANYWAY – You’ve heard that before but it’s worth hearing again. Don’t let regret be the end of your story. I really don’t want to sit back during the last days of my life regretting that I never tried, I never started, I never attempted the dreams I had in my heart. I would much rather FAIL than end in REGRET. Think about it!

So TODAY, let’s vow to not let fear be our master. It may always show up and knock, but we don’t have to be hospitable towards it!!

Thanks for reading! – Kristen Harness